Places To Visit in Albania

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Visiting Albania

Visitors to Albania can enjoy outdoor activities ranging from ice climbing and mountaineering, through paragliding to BASE jumping. For the non-adrenalin junkies among us, there’s wildlife including the forests, home to wolves and bears – which can be watched from a safe distance – and, thanks to Albania’s unusual geography it’s home to over 260 types of fish.

Albania is also home to cities dating back to fourth century, cuisine that offers a unique blend of Eastern and Western influences. Popular options include raki, an alcoholic drink made from variety of fruits, usually grapes but sometimes also plums or other seasonal fruits. There’s a traditional non-alcoholic alternative in Boza, made from maize.

Albania can offer visitors a rich tradition of dance and music, too. Traditional instruments mingle with the modern, and traditional choreographies and dance styles, often closely tied to regional identities, are one of Albania’s treasures as well as its attractions.

Every nation has its famous spots and landmarks and Albania is home to some of Europe’s most fascinating sights. The country is home to places to visit and things to do as distant and different as the Butrint Monastery and the ‘Blue Eye’ lake of Sarande. We’ve made a list below of Albania’s major attractions, taking in everything we think you might want to see, visit or experience.

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List of Tourist Attractions in Albania

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