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Albania Adopts 2011 Budget Increasing Infrastructure Investments

News Posted On: 05 November 2010

This Wednesday saw the Albanian government adopt the 2011 budget, containing the largest ever budget for infrastructure investments in the country's history -- and that is saying something.

The biggest investments will be on improving the country's roads. The new budget will also see salary and pensions in the country increase by between 5% and 10%, that is if it is passed by parliamentary panels -- the government has the majority to pass the bill, but must first submit it to discussion by parliamentary panels.

In other news Wednesday, Deputy Prime Minister Ilir Meta told members of his party (Socialist Movement for Integration) that Albania is making good progress towards EU integration having met European Commission conditions for visa liberalisation within a record period, Meta said. He also complimented the progress made over the last 20 years.

The Albanian government is to be complimented for making the transition from being an impoverished third world country, into a middle income country that qualifies for loans from the World's banks.

Since then it is complimented for its clever use of loans to develop the infrastructure to breed further economic growth.

The most notable developments include a new terminal at the Durress port, and the construction of a new super highway between the port and landlocked Kosovo. This increased the effiency of businesses using the port for exports, by increasing the speed at which they could transport their goods to the port, and also increased the ports capacity. Another benefit was to increase tourism from Kosovo.

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