A List of American International Airports

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Details of Airports in America

The USA has more internal flights than any other nation, so there are many more airports even than other countries of comparable size. This guide aims to give a rough idea of the main ones you’re likely to enter the country by, and by far the busiest US airport is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International. The airport offers an automated people mover called the Plane Train, for moving passengers who have cleared security around the huge structure. The airport is also served by the city’s own rapid transit system, MARTA; it has its own station and trains run into Atlanta regularly.

For the majority of British travellers, their first entry to the US will be via JFK and the other New York Metro area airports that together make up the world’s busiest airport complex. JFK is connected to New York’s subway and commuter system by the AirTrain JFK service, which collects and deposits its passengers from all terminals. It’s also possible to access JFK by bus from New York, by car and taxi, and even by helicopter.

The other two airports covered by the IATA code ‘NYC’ are Newark Liberty International and LaGuardia International. As the code suggests both these airports are in the New York metropolitan area. Newark Liberty is served by the AirTrain Newark, connecting the airport with a rail station where passengers can catch Amtrak and New Jersey Transit services. LaGuardia is connected to New York’s transport net by city bus lines, which connect passengers with the Long Island Rail Road and the New York City Subway. The city’s bus lines are wheelchair accessible. The airport is also accessible by limousine and taxi as well as by car.

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America Airports

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