A Country Guide to America

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The ‘Great American Dream’ is still going strong despite the recent reverses owing to terrorism and economy. No matter how tough the circumstances are, the charm of USA has never diminished. Partly due to the famous landmarks and partly due to the ‘Global Power’ status of America, the country has something for everyone when it comes to visiting the US for tourism-related activities.

Be it the dazzling Hollywood, or Manhattan’s famous skyline (which is somewhat diminished by the 9/11 terror strikes on World Trade Centre), or the innumerable fast food joints of all major international brands, or a huge variety of entertainment centres to pick from; the visitors are literally pampered for choices.

This gigantic discovery of Columbus has more than 50 states and touches two oceans. People from all walks of life and from almost all nationalities have contributed in their own unique way to make it one of the richest and most powerful countries on the planet. Besides, it’s largely due to the expatriates that you will find almost every culture in the world flourishing somewhere in the United States.

Prior to its discovery in 1492, there were mostly nomadic tribes (belonging to Mongolia who had travelled across the Barents Sea) dwelling on the continent. The 17th Century saw the early English and Dutch travellers crossing the Atlantic and settling on the Eastern Seaboard. Soon, there was revolt within the country due to restrictions imposed by the British government on the political rights and a levy of punitive taxation structure. This was the cause for American War of Independence in 1775.

The defeat of English King, George III, and the Declaration of Independence in 1776 were the culmination of this revolt by the locals. The first thing that the Americans did after attaining independence was to adopt the American Constitution, which became a role model for several other countries that gained independence in the later years.

The teething years of America were plagued by calls for abolition of slavery, which was largely responsible for boom in the plantation agriculture activity in the southern States. Abraham Lincoln led the Republicans in fight against slavery but he was opposed tooth and nail by some vested interests. His ascendancy to the Presidency in 1860 only added fuel to the fire with seven southern States (eventually, ten) seceded from the Union resulting in a situation known as the American Civil War. This war lasted four years and the country finally started consolidating with an increasing thrust on industrialisation and development, particularly of the Midwest region.

The modern day America owes its identity as a victim of ghastly 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Centre which consumed the lives of over 3,000 people besides completely demolishing the World Trade Centre twin-centres and damaging a portion of the Pentagon. This led to the President George W Bush launching attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, which has led to the practical division of the world opinion abut America.

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