A Country Guide to Austria

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Austria is one of Europe’s most beautiful countries with Alps dotting the skyline in the west of the country, and Danube Basin’s resplendent glory in the east. The country’s beautiful ski resorts are world famous. Not only the natural beauty, Austria has some extraordinary historical heritage to share with the world in the form of buildings, castles, museums, and galleries.

Apart from winter tourism, Austria’s majestic mountains have some of the best hiking trails to offer. Dotted with heavenly scenery, the visitors are left totally dazed at such a marvel under the sky.

The Australian landscape is full of the architectural remnants of the past. The powerful Hapsburgs, who once ruled Central Europe for seven centuries, have left a rich legacy of the architecturally brilliant landmarks and monuments. One of the prime examples of glorious emperorship of the past is the capital city of Vienna with its beautiful Opera House and the former imperial residence of Hofburg. Not to be left behind are the other cities of Austria, like the birthplace of Mozart – Salzburg – and Innsbruck, which glow with baroque churches in front of the snow-capped peaks of Alps.

Austria has a rich cultural past, which is reflected by the association of several cultural figures with the country. Moreover, Austria was one of the prime centres of Cultural Renaissance of 17th and 18th Centuries with terms like ‘baroque’ and ‘enlightenment’ associated with the country. Mozart and his musical finesse is the highlight of Austrian lavish cultural importance. Artists, like Klimt and Schiele, also belonged to Austria. Two of the finest composers of all time, Schubert and Mahler, also had their roots in Austria. The country has also given to the world famous writers (like Schnitzer and Rilke), Philosophers (like Wittgenstein and Husserl), and Psychologists (like Rank and Freud). And who can forget writer Elfriede Jelinek, the 2004 Nobel Prize winner in the field of literature?

The modern Austria does not lag behind the architectural brilliance associated with the 21st Century either. The engineering, invention, and designing capabilities of the Austrian professionals, is well known. Besides, the country is aggressively following the socially developmental programs in order to keep the people involved in the overall development of Austria.

Austrian gourmet offers some exotic delicacies to savour. Gemütlichkeit, Austrian relaxed lifestyle, can be experienced in the numerous cafes across the country. With a lively nightlife, Austrian youth flock the laid-back taverns and beer gardens in hordes. Dance clubs, discotheques, and pubs can be accessed even in the small hours of night.

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