A Country Guide to Bahamas

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The name ‘The Bahamas’ originated from the Spanish term ‘baja mar’ meaning ‘Shallow Sea. The clear turquoise waters kissing this beautiful country aptly complement the warmth of the locals.

The Bahamas is a huge archipelago (more than twice the size of Spain) comprising over 700 islands and each of these islands reflects the same laidback attitude of the Bahamians towards life, which seems to move at a slow pace, quite opposite to the fast-track life we are used to in the modern cities. This trend is largely due to the vast vacant lands as the country is not heavily populated and people tend to relish each moment of life.

The natural beauty of Bahamas is quite unparalleled with stunning beaches dotting the coastline of the islands. The startling coastal homes have an enviable architecture that blossoms in the soft pastel shades used in these homes.

Even though the country is immensely uninhabited, yet there is much more than solitude to The Bahamas. There is something for everyone in this exquisite conglomerate of islands. Some of the activities popular in The Bahamas include golfing in some of the best Golf courses in the world, windsurfing, parasailing, and other aqua-sports, diving and enjoying shipwrecks and coral reefs, shopping in busy straw market, boogying on the rhythms of Goombay, Calypso, and Junkanoo music, and plenty of other enjoyable activities.

From the very beginning, The Bahamas has been the playground of rich and famous from all over the world. The position of ‘Governor’ (representing the British Monarch) was once a coveted post largely due to the luxury associated with the country, which is truly reflected by the regally done villas and hotel complexes.

However, The Bahamas is not all about luxury. The country was once considered a haven for freed slaves from the US. One just needs to look around the country to appreciate its rural charm as well as luxurious hospitality.

Many people give in to the belief that The Bahamas is a Caribbean country, but it’s not as it is situated in the Atlantic Ocean. This and many other false notions about the country are just waiting to be falsified when one enters The Bahamas. Perhaps, the underlining theme of the country is amply depicted by the fact the Ponce de León reached The Bahamas while in search of the legendary Fountain of Youth.

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