A Country Guide to Barbados

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Barbados is all about relaxed lifestyle, stunning beaches, and clear waters! The populace mostly comprises of mixed race descendants of African slaves that were transported here for colonial sugar plantations.

The calypso music reverberates in almost every street of Barbados. The Barbadians simply adore their food, history, culture, and tradition. The islands capital Bridgetown is home to some marvellous colonial buildings dating back to the 18th Century.

Although a small island nation, Barbados has starkly different lifestyles in the east and west coast. The Atlantic side of the east coast is relatively less developed and rugged, yet naturally bountiful, while the Caribbean west coast boasts major hotels lining the stunning coastline.

Enveloped by a calm sea that is perfect for several aqua-sports, the country has excellent facilities for fishing amidst clearly visible coral reefs. The adventure lovers amongst you won't like to miss an opportunity to explore underwater caves. The Barbadian landscape has some lush tropical gardens for the nature lover to explore. The sugarcane factories, plantation houses, and rum distilleries are also worth a visit on this beautiful island.

No discussion on Barbados is complete without a mention of the bubbling nightlife, exotic dances, and soothing reggae music. Add a tinge of Bajan cuisine of spicy seafood, tropical fruits and vegetables and you have a perfect blend to enjoy Barbados.

The history of Barbados is not very well documented. The popular beliefs point towards the occupation of the country by Arawak Indians from South America until the Spanish arrived in 1492. Portuguese rule soon followed in the early 16th Century. The British arrived in 1627 and declared Barbados a colony in 1663. They were also responsible for bringing African slaves to the island as a labour force to work in the sugar plantations.

In 1958, the country became a member of the West Indies Federation and was granted internal self-government in 1961. Barbados became a fully independent republic in 1966.

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