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Cheap But Wonderful Places To Retire Abroad

News Posted On: 02 July 2013

The temptation to seek sunnier climes abroad once retirement looms is too much for many Brits to resist. However, choosing the right place can be rather stressful and you can often end up making the wrong decision. On top of that, many people do not have the budget to choose to live wherever they want. Such people have to think outside the box a little and find an undervalued region. Here are four undervalued, cheap but wonderful places to retire abroad.

Umbria, Italy

Umbria in Italy is actually a rather expensive place to retire abroad – That’s if you choose to go all out and buy a stone farmhouse with views of the countryside. However, a way of living this luxury without paying more than your budget allows is by buying a portion of a detached stone farmhouse.

With a shared swimming pool, high ceilings and a house that’s likely steeped in history, but for a portion of the price – albeit with only a portion of the house – you’ll be more than satisfied in Umbria.


Bet you didn’t expect to see Barbados mentioned in an article detailing cheap places to retire abroad. Barbados is the archetypal dream retirement destination. Most Brits overlook settling down in this sunny Caribbean island, deeming it to be financially out of their reach.

While the big houses in Barbados might be too expensive for most people, there are quite a few smaller beachside developments that are slightly more affordable with a few bedrooms and bathrooms. However, these still fetch prices of around £350,000.

There are plenty of property management development companies out there such as Rentify that will help you maintain a property in Barbados if you do not wish to stay there all year.

Tallinn, Estonia

There’s something rather special about living in a capital. However, Londoners will also tell you that life in a capital city is expensive, loud, restless and highly polluted. With that in mind, retirees will most probably avoid looking into moving to a capital city.

The capital of Estonia, Tallinn, is everything you wouldn’t expect a capital city to be. First of all, it’s extremely cheap - with prices for a place in the middle of the capital at just over £110,000.

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

While many might switch on the news and see civil unrest in Egypt as a reason not to retire there, Sharm El-Sheikh has been relatively unaffected by the Arab Spring.

Not only is Egypt a fascinating country with an overabundance of history, sites and attractions, Sharm El-Sheikh also boasts an average sea temperature of 24C - while petrol remains dirt-cheap.

A one-bedroom apartment with a communal swimming pool, terrace and balcony can be acquired there for just £34,000.

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