A Country Guide to Belize

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Health and Vaccinations

Tetanus: Yes
Typhoid: Yes
Diptheria: Sometimes
Malaria: Yes
Rabies: Sometimes
Hepatitis-A: Yes
Yellow Fever: No. Visitors coming from infected areas are required to carry Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate.

Health Care

Belize has 7 government hospitals – one each in Belmopan and Belize City, and one each in other five main district towns. Overall, medical facilities in the country are quite limited with Rural Health Care Centres catering to medical needs in rural areas and Mobile Clinics taking care of remote areas.

The authorities in Belize strongly advise full travel insurance for all travellers to the country.

Travel Advice

From time to time, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK issues Travel Advisories for visits to Belize. Accordingly, most visits to Belize are trouble-free but the global threat from international terrorism can never be ruled out. Therefore, the travellers should take adequate precautions while visiting the places of tourists’ interest in Belize.

Travellers would do well to exercise caution against isolated violent incidents against tourists.

The hurricane season from June to November demands extra precautions from brisk winds and heavy rains.

At the time of publishing, this information is correct. However, the travel advice is periodically and rapidly updated. Therefore, all the visitors are advised to contact at the following addresses for the latest travel advice:

British Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Tel - 0845 850 2829
Website - www.fco.gov.uk

US Department of State
Website - www.travel.state.gov/travel

Passport and Visa Info

NationalityPassport RequiredVisa RequiredReturn Ticket Required
Other EUYesNoYes


Passport is required for all nationals of the countries as mentioned in the chart above.

Passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the intended length of stay required by all nationals of countries referred in the above chart.

Evidence of sufficient funds, i.e., minimum of £50 per day, along with proof of return or onward ticket at the point of entry is required to be furnished by all travelers.


Visa is not required by nationals of the abovementioned countries for stays up to 30 days.

Nationals of all countries, not mentioned in the chart above, should contact their local embassy for visa requirements.

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