A Country Guide to Belize

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Belize is a hidden unexplored treasure-trove for overseas visitors as well as investors. Similar in topography and architecture to many of the Caribbean islands, Belize gives a complex to its Central American neighbours in all regards.

The country has some of the finest and well-preserved National Parks, Nature Reserves and Archaeological wonders to show to the world. In fact, Belize is best known for its exotic wildlife sanctuaries and marine reserves that are home to some of the rare flora and fauna native to the country.

Belize’s Barrier Reef hosts some of the enchanting marine wildlife that can be relished all the year around. To cap the natural bounty of Belize, there are Mayan temples that look equally resplendent from outside as they are from inside.

There is no dearth of cultural and traditional heritage in Belize. Visitors will be left spellbound at the linguistic, cultural and ethnic diversity of this country. Belize people mostly comprise of Creole, Spanish, Maya, English, Mestizo, Lebanese, Chinese, Garifuna, and East Indians.

Despite such enormous diversity, the people of Belize are the most finely blended nationals with religious tolerance, political stability, non-violent culture, and harmonious existence keeping the Belize folks together.

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