A Country Guide to Brazil

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One of the strongest emerging economies and a huge country like Brazil will always attract tremendous attention from both visitors and investors. For the uninitiated, Brazil is South America’s biggest country and covers more than half of the South American continent.

Gone are the days when the world associated just football crazy millions and coffee producing expanses with Brazil. The country has grown in every aspect, including the much acclaimed festivals and musical feasts that have become a symbol of Brazilian pride.

If Samba and Bossa Nova keep your adrenaline gushing, then hundreds of pristine beaches won’t let your spirits down. Nearly two-thirds of Brazilian population lives near the Coast, which makes for a vibrant lifestyle full of vigour. Brazilian people ooze a unique energy that is infectious and irrespective of their economic strata, all Brazilians simply love to jive and live life to the hilt. Despite diverse ethnicity, Brazilians are known for their bonding and merrymaking.

Legendary festivals, like Rio Carnival, are a testimony to the Brazilian people’s love for fun, music, and party. The beach life in Brazil is again something that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. It’s bold, sunny, and extremely lively! The prominent Brazilian beaches include Copacabana and Ipanema.

Though life in Brazil hardly crosses its coasts, yet the country’s interiors boasts of some of the landmarks that no other country possesses. For instance, you can explore the World’s Biggest Rainforest in Amazon, come face-to-face with wild life in the wetlands of Pantanal, get lost in the caves and canyons of Chapada Diamentia, or admire the vast Mata Atlântica (Atlantic forest) that runs along much of the length of Brazil’s coastline.

Brazil has a mixed population with indigenous folks forming the major portion of the populace. Other migrants include descendants of slaves from Africa and European immigrants. The visitors will appreciate this diversity in Brazilian food, culture, music, architecture, customs, and historical monuments. The country is a charming amalgam of diverse cultures, which can be relished only if you have a lot of time in your itinerary.

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