A Country Guide to Bulgaria

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Historical turbulence notwithstanding, Bulgaria has not lost touch with its glorious legacy. The country is the oldest surviving State in Europe that has still kept its original name, which was given to the country by the Bulgars, when they invaded South Danube in AD 681. Most people of the present day Bulgaria are the descendants of Bulgars.

Bulgaria is a scenic country with long coastline of over 370 km (232 miles) along the Black Sea and picturesque mountains dotting the country’s landscape. With low cost of living and extensive mountainous area at its disposal, Bulgaria is emerging as a hot bargain ski destination.

The Black Sea Coast offers some stunning sandy beaches and hundreds of inviting resorts for a perfect seaside family holiday. If you are an aquatic sports’ lover, then Bulgarian long coastline has plenty to offer.

The country is known for its rich folklore traditions, which are evident from the diverse folk dances, music, costumes and rituals prevalent in different parts of Bulgaria. The towns and small Bulgarian villages are strewn with country’s rich history and culture left by around 500 years of Ottomans’ rule. The visitors can also experience the famous Bulgarian spirit and hospitality by staying in one of these towns or villages. The country is also a former satellite of the erstwhile Soviet Union, which has only added to its already rich cultural heritage.

Bulgaria slowly began its democratic shift in late 1989, and soon Zhelyu Zhelev was elected the first President of democratic Bulgaria in 1990. Then in 1991, the country adopted its Constitution and the following years saw the restoration of political parties, privatisation and restitution of land. Bulgaria shifted its loyalties to NATO in March 2004 and finally, joined European Union in January 2007.

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