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List of Canadian Tourist Attractions

Canada is a country with exciting town life and which also has a huge rural hinterland waiting to be explored. There’s Vancouver, a thriving metropolitan city with a port and nightlife, museums and bars, and world class shopping. Vancouver is Canada’s biggest city and its most varied and metropolitan. But you can also take a boat out from Vancouver to watch whales and even orca (killer whales), as well as seals, all of which can be found in the seas and inlets around Vancouver, helping to make the city a worldwide tourist attraction. There are regular boats touring the sounds around Vancouver to see seals, whales and other wildlife.

The Rocky Mountains, that form the Eastern border of California, run on North into Canada, and offer climbing, hiking and skiing as well as nature trails and, of course, breathtaking scenery!

Alternatively there’s always Quebec, where French is the dominant language and the people are very proud of their French cultural heritage. Quebec City and Montreal are the major centres here and they can offer all kinds of experiences, from the Winter Festival of Quebec City to Montreal’s poutine – a famous and uniquely Canadian delicacy.

Over in the Rockies is Calgary; if you want to get a view over Calgary, you can ride up the 620 feet of the Calgary tower (by elevator, of course!) and see the town spread out below you. You’ll be able to take in at a glance its museums, stores and zoos, but you’ll have to come down and go to Stephens Street to investigate the more than 1, 000 stores, pubs and restaurants you’ll find here. Calgary Zoo will arrange a private sleepover for you in their rainforest section, and the Heritage Park Museum will introduce you to the 19th Century railwaymen, ranchers and fur traders who built Calgary. And the city retains sufficient pride in its cowboy roots to keep up the annual Calgary Stampede, so if you go in July watch out for it!

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