A Country Guide to Canada

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Canada offers a vast array of activities to the visitors to choose from. The country has something for visitors of all ages. Some of the best offerings of Canada include skiing, sailing, museum combing, and of course, a beautiful landscape spread across the length and breadth of the country. Far from the Maple syrups and Mounties, Canada is now known for multiple reasons.

If you are looking for rustic charm, head straight to Canada’s western regions with some of the choicest locations ever ready to bamboozle your mind. The European travellers will feel at home in Eastern Canada with most urban facilities and amenities. The nature lovers would absolutely relish their visit to the largely uninhabited Northern region that boasts of exotic wildlife.

Like any other country, Canada also enjoys an interesting history. The country has up to a dozen distinct groups of Inuits (Canadian ethnic Eskimos) settled in northern regions. The Inuits hold the belief that the lands were forcibly taken from them by previous governments, not dissimilar to the situation of Aborigines in Australia. After some protests, around 350,000 sq. km. (135,135 sq. miles) of area belonging to Northwest Territories was ceded to the Inuits in 1991 and anointed as the semi-autonomous region of Nunavut Territory. Some more land and autonomy was also given to the Inuits in 1999.

Ideally, there shouldn’t be any problem in accommodating the demands of Inuits, as the country is huge and the population is miniscule. Most population is settled along the US-Canada border having major urban centres leaving most of the Canadian territory uninhabited due to multiple factors. However, there is no dearth of naturally scenic views in the Canadian countryside.

Perhaps the stunning beauty of Canada is largely responsible for struggle for control over this huge country. The Anglo-French war during 17th Century over Canada resulted in the falling of French Canadian capital of Quebec to English General Wolfe. Subsequently, the Americans also tried to unsuccessfully control Canadian territories and seize control from the British after the British defeat in the American War of Independence.

In 1791, Canada was divided into linguistic regions with French and English speaking folks. But this arrangement also fell through and was replaced by a unified system. The modern Canada is a peaceful country following its independent foreign policy. For instance, Canada opposes US-led war against Iraq. Though an independent country, Canada has British Monarch as its Head of State. The country is simply amazing when you consider that it is divided into six time zones and borders three of the world’s four oceans.

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