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Cape Verde Tourist Attractions

Cape Verde is a group of volcanoes rising out of the sea off the coast of Africa, West of Senegal. The islands were never part of the African land mass and as a result, there are certain animal species that never made it across the sea to Cape Verde. The flora and fauna of the islands are unique.

Cape Verde is made up of nine islands, each with distinct characteristics. The island of Santiago, for instance, is known as the ‘fertile island,’ and it’s Cape Verde’s largest island. It’s the home of the national capital, Praia, and the island owes its reputation to its valleys and plateaus, though it equally deserves mention for its fine, sandy beaches. Santiago has been strongly influenced by Africa in terms of its culture, and the constant presence of batuca and funano music serves to remind the visitor of this.

Sal is known as the ‘sunniest island,’ a dry island characterised by deserts and beaches: sand is the keynote on Sal. But there are oases, and there are good reasons to visit the sunniest islands. There’s the strong winds blowing across the ocean that make the island a haven for surfers, and the strong tourism trade has boosted the island’s population while keeping it unusually young: only 1 in 10 people on Sal is over forty!

If you’re not attracted by surfing or by Praia, try visiting Sao Nicolau, the ‘pristine island,’ with a rugged landscape of green mountains looking like a more tropical New Zealand. It’s more appealing to hikers and mountain bikers than to those who just want a week at the beach, but the city of Ribeira Brava has a vibrant life to offer, buzzing with commerce in the mornings especially.

Each of Cape Verde’s islands is like nowhere else on earth!

List of Tourist Attractions in Cape Verde

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