A Country Guide to Cape-Verde

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The virgin islands of Cape Verde were first discovered by the Portuguese in the 15th Century, and since then, the settlements started trickling in. These beautiful islands are situated in Atlantic Ocean, around 600 km (450 miles) west-northwest of Senegal and boasts of stunning scenery that gets augmented by the Ocean backdrop. In fact, Cape Verde is an archipelago divided into two groups – Balavento (Windwards) and Sotavento (Leewards) – and comprising of 10 islands of volcanic origin and 5 islets.

Forming the most westerly point of African continent, Cape Verde islands offer picturesque mountain scenery along with pristine unspoilt beaches that offer magnificent opportunities to indulge in some aquatic fun.

Each island in Cape Verde is distinct from the others and has some special attractions for the visitors. Whereas Santiago is lush green and vibrant, Sao Nicolau is quite volcanic in nature, Boa Vista is a boon for diving lovers, Sao Vicente is better known for its lively Carnival, and the traditional festival lovers will relish Baia das Gatas Festival full of music and late night revelry. All islands reflect a judicious blend of African and European culture, lifestyle, and food, in particular. In fact, the favourite local food is seafood cooked in Portuguese style with olive oil, garlic, lemon, and sausages. The African food, like beans, stews, maize, and other tropical crops is also relished by both Africans and Europeans.

Though few and far between, yet a lot of buildings at Cape Verde resonate the craftsmanship and minds of Portuguese architects. Going by the experts’ opinion about its tourism potential, the Cape Verdean authorities are aggressively promoting the country for potential tourists. Being an island nation, Cape Verde has exclusive facilities for water sports, like diving, windsurfing, shipwreck watching, sailing, etc.

In fact, the ex-uninhabited status of Cape Verde means that a lot of the country’s landscape is still unspoilt and ‘naturally’ beautiful.

Cape Verde emerged as an independent country in 1975 but it’s been a struggle for the country, economically. But with tourism potential finally being realised, the situation won’t be the same again.

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