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Eu Accession Now Looks Inevitable For Croatia To Boost Property Investment

News Posted On: 24 November 2009

Croatia's EU accession now looks almost certain to go ahead, after both Slovenian and Croatian governments signal their backing for the agreement reached on their decade long border-dispute. This will almost certainly boost property investment in Croatia.

Croatia became popular with investors when it first began the process of joining the EU, because investors had seen the positive effect EU membership has on an economy and property market when the likes of Slovakia, Bulgaria and Estonia became members.

However, Croatia's accession was stalled when EU member Slovenia vetoed the negotiating process on the grounds that documents prepared by Croatia as part of the accession process would be prejudicial in their bilateral dispute over borders.

This was solved and their veto removed several weeks ago, when Croatia signed a declaration that it would not prejudge the border row in any documents prepared for its EU negotiations. This allowed the EU accession process to move forward, but the border row itself would have stopped Croatia's accession to the EU on the grounds that EU members must have good relations with their neighbours.

An agreement has recently been reached on the border dispute, the Slovenian government has announced that they are in support of the deal, and the Croatian government has recently ratified the deal.

This looks to be the removal of the final stumbling block to Croatia's EU accession, meaning free travel to and from Croatia for all EU members. This will undoubtedly boost rental demand for Croatian properties, and the economic boost will also be good for property values in the short-mid term. Investors who have been waiting on the sidelines to pounce when EU accession became inevitable will be starting their search for Croatia properties now.

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