A Country Guide to Cyprus

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Cyprus is one of the pristine island destinations, popular not just in Europe but people from the entire globe flock to this tiny nation to have a dekko for its magnificent natural charm. This pocket-sized dynamo has some of the best natural attractions – both seaside and inland – to offer to the visitors.

Some of the attractions include sandy white beaches along a long and beautiful coastline, skiing and hiking opportunities on plentiful small and big mountains and hills with ethnic villages, and the famous Cypriot Wine and numerous wineries on the slopes. The urban landscape is vibrant with Mediterranean culture and soulful nightlife.

The country has historic Roman and Greek remnants strewn all over its landscape offering some valuable insights into rich Cypriot heritage. With over 10,000 years of history, Cyprus has seen the reign of several rulers, prominent among those are the Ottoman Turks, British, Greeks and Romans.

The country became an independent republic in August 1960, but the Turkish troops soon arrived on the northern coast in 1974 on the invitation of Turkish Cypriot leader, Rauf Denktash. The situation had arisen due to some clashes between Turkish and Greek community on the island. Resultantly, Turkey established control over the one-third of the island in the northern region. Since then, Northern Cyprus is demarcated from the mainland Cyprus with the help of UN peacekeeping forces.

The political uncertainty notwithstanding, Cyprus has emerged as one of the most modern countries of Europe. With myriad tourist attractions, the visitors contribute a major chunk towards economic development of the country.

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