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Investment Property in Cyprus

A look at the investment opportunities for investing in property in Cyprus - investment properties for sale in Cyprus

This islands nation has been the toast of the British property investor for decades. Cyprus is, indeed, an attractive country as well as a popular real estate investment destination offering investment property for sale in Cyprus to the many investors looking to acquire their own piece of Cyprus. With all year round sunshine, Cyprus rocks to the tunes of visitors from all over the world flocking in to this tiny Mediterranean island.

Moreover, there’s no such time as ‘lean period’ as regards to the influx of tourists in the country is concerned. Miles and miles of pristine beaches in the country ensure there is no shortage of activities to be indulged in by the visitors at any time of the year. Overall, Cyprus is like a pocket-sized dynamo for the real estate investors all across Europe.

Opportunities for Property Investment in Cyprus

Since the country joined the European Union (EU) in 2004, the fortunes of Cyprus property investments are on an upswing. Not only with holiday-seekers, but second home buyers now are also flocking to the country mainly due to the excellent climate and large English-speaking population.

Although Cypriot Greek is the preferred language here, the majority of people understand and speak English with considerable ease and as a bonus they also drive on the same side of the road as the UK.

Cyprus has no shortage of investment property opportunities all across the island. However, the hottest regions from the property investment point of view include property and areas like:

and many more regions including Protaras, Kyrenia, and Famagusta. These places have witnessed maximum activity in terms of real estate transactions over the past few years. Investors have shown tremendous faith in these areas due to their potential to offer high returns.

Moreover, these are either tourist spots or in proximity to the hotspots of the country. Therefore, you can easily expect a consistent rental income from holiday properties in these towns.

The prices of property in Cyprus are on a lower pedestal compared to the UK real estate prices. Apartments in Larnaca are available from £100K, and a separate dwelling (residential home) can be yours for £250K. The Limassol region is comparatively cheaper than Paphos and Northern Cyprus has ideal investment properties at well below the £50K mark.

The range of investment property types available in Cyprus include villas, apartments, residential and holiday property and a growing commercial sector. All of these investment properties are in great demand from the domestic as well as international investors.

However, the membership of the EU brings in a large number of European investors into the countries real estate portfolio. Therefore, there’s an added incentive for British investors, having an opportunity to share the neighbourhood with fellow countrymen and other European investors!

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