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British Expat Speaks Highly Of Egypt

News Posted On: 18 August 2008

A Scottish expatriate has spoken of the financial and lifestyle benefits he has enjoyed since his move to Egypt.

Mark Millson originally moved to the country last year and recently snapped up a four-bedroom property for £92,000.

He told the Sunday Mail that the price of a home in Egypt compares favourably with the UK, as it is possible to get a lot more for a smaller amount.

"The price of property in Egypt is unbelievable," he commented.

"In Aberdeen, £92,000 would just about buy you a one-bedroom ex-council flat but here you can live in luxury for that."

Mr Millson went on to say that his new home in Hurghada offers the further advantage of being located in a desirable area.

He described the country as "beautiful", adding that the Red Sea resort is a charming environment which blends the traditional with the modern.

According to property analyst Amberlamb, house prices in some parts of the north African country are rising at a rate of about 20 per cent a year.

This means that overseas property buyers could snap up a bargain residence in a prime location and then enjoy the proceeds of the capital growth.

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