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Buying Foreign Currency

To help make your money go further when buying or selling an overseas Property, have teamed up with Halo Financial Foreign Currency Brokers to give you access to some of the most competitive exchange rates available in the market when transferring money abroad.

Halo Financial Ltd offers a cost effective alternative to your bank; providing a far more efficient and effective way for you to save time and money when sending money abroad. Halo Financial are our recommended foreign currency provider. They are preferred because of the proven savings and the unrivalled customer service they deliver to their clients. Whether you are:

  • Buying an overseas property
  • Repatriating the proceeds of an overseas property sale
  • Needing to make regular foreign currency payments for rent, pension or mortgage transfers
  • Transferring a one off payment

Best Foreign Currency Exchange Rates - Money Transfers

Halo Financial’s dedicated foreign currency dealers are qualified technical analysts holding internationally acknowledged accreditation and frequently feature on financial media television such as CNBC. Halo Financial’s team is highly trained, experienced and will identify your priorities and suggest the best available options that match your personal circumstances.

Whether you want to cut your risk, secure an exchange rate for now or later settlement or have a regular foreign currency transfer requirement Halo Financial has the answer!

For a professional, sincere and reliable foreign exchange service, please call or e-mail the Private Client Team for further information or click here to request a call back.

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7350 5474

5 Top Foreign Currency Tips

Identify your budget: When transferring money abroad from Pounds Sterling into Euros, or another foreign currency, the rate of exchange you receive will determine how much or how little you will need to pay for the property. It’s worth remembering at this stage that the price of the property differs from the cost of a property. The cost to you and therefore how much you pay in Pound Sterling can change substantially dependent on the Exchange Rate you achieve. For example: A European property priced at €250.000 would have cost you £194.850 on the 11 th August 2008, but £204.580 by the beginning of September! That’s an increase of £9.730 in less than three weeks!!

Regular foreign currency updates: It is always valuable keeping regular tabs on the exchange rates and the sentiment in the foreign currency markets. A good fx dealer should be able to provide you with a daily or weekly foreign currency report providing you with an insight, like Halo Financial, into where the exchange rates are and why they are moving. Information is an invaluable resource especially when transferring large sums of money and when volatile exchange rates can have such a direct impact on the cost of a property overseas.

Guarantee your exchange rate for each of your stage payments: Most overseas property completions take up 2 to 3 months and over 12 months when you are purchasing off plan. Purchasers must take into account their foreign currency exposure between the time the initial contracts are signed and the completion date. Forward contracts reduce the foreign currency risks by giving you the possibility to secure an exchange rate for up to 2 years. This will enable you to calculate from the outset how much your property will cost you in Pounds Sterling (or other foreign currency)!

Don’t take unnecessary risks by gambling on achieving better exchange rates : Understanding how to achieve the best exchange rate will save you money. Halo Financial will not only be able to provide you with a highly competitive exchange rate, they will also help you choose the different options to buy your foreign currency. Whether you need to urgently transfer a lump sum or compare an exchange rate to prevent the exchange rates pushing the cost of the overseas property out of reach, your dealer will suggest strategies that ensure to minimize your foreign currency exposure.

Speak to Halo Financial for expert guidance : In an era of overseas and automated call centers, what a refreshing change it would be if you had a dedicated foreign currency dealer to assist you in buying your foreign currency? Halo Financial will provide you with your FX consultant who will open your trading facility, explain our services, give you regular market updates and provide solutions for you to transfer currency abroad.

10 Reasons to use Halo Financial

  • Better than bank exchange rates
  • No commission charges
  • A single point of contact
  • 24 hour monitoring of exchange rates
  • Appropriate risk management strategies to improve your foreign currency transaction
  • Proactive account management with relevant market news
  • Fast onward payments
  • Confirmation of your payment with any nominated third party
  • An industry leading service delivered in a prompt, professional and courteous manner
  • Commitment to adding value and exceeding your expectations

Contact Halo Financial

To speak to one of Halo Financial’s Foreign Exchange consultants, please call +44 20 7350 5474. Alternatively, visit the website Halo Financial - Foreign Currency Specialists to find out how you can save time, money and worry.

For more detailed information on foreign exchange planning please click here: