List of French Tourist Attractions

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Places of Interest in France

France is home to a wide variety of cultures, landscapes and cuisines: a visit to Kerbruc, in Northern Brittany – population 25 – will give a very different experience to Calais, Marseilles or Paris, let alone rural Provence. France offers world class cuisine, the basis of traditional Western ‘high culture’ cooking and a strong influence on foreign cultures as far away as Russia. There are regional specialities and standards, as well as dishes like Coq au Vin that are almost exhibition pieces. Restaurant and bistro culture remain strong in France.

There is also a strong regional identity tradition in France. Regions will have cultural celebrations – like the Bretagne Festnoz – where traditional music and dance will be performed. Though these are frequently not tourist events they are advertised and everyone is welcome.

France is a beautiful country in the heart of Europe, and it has a wide range of attractions to offer the visitor. Of course France is famous for its wines; of course France is famous for its food. But it’s also got a rich variety of landscapes, and living experiences to match, from tiny stone-built Breton villages through to the big-city vibes or Rouen or Marseilles. And then, of course, there’s Paris.

Finally, France is not just a country of the past or of its countryside. Its cities are vibrant and it has thriving art and film scenes, as well as nightlife and entertainment.

We’ve compiled a list of France’s most fascinating attractions, to help you make the most of a visit there.

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