A Country Guide to France

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The romantic allure of France is quite unparalleled. Nowhere in the world would you find a place that has charmed the lovers from all around the planet more than the capital city of Paris As famously remarked by the late French President, Charles De Gaulle, the country with ‘365 kinds of cheese’ just never ceases to amaze the travellers!

France boasts of myriad attraction in the form of snow-white ski slopes of the Alps, the romantic aura of Eiffel Tower, the chic boulevards of Paris, the expansive vineyards, sun-soaked pristine beaches, and hundreds of typical French villages with the country’s rich history and culture still intact through castles and museums.

France has one of the best cuisines in the world with its world-famous cheese, croissants, coffee, fries, and thousands of other delicacies that you can enjoy either in one of the many plush eating joint in a city or at some distant coffee-shop in a remote village. The adventure-sports lovers would surely enjoy the dusty game of boules. And if you are in France with family, you won’t like to miss the thrills and fun-moments of picnic in Provence that has some of the refreshing views and soothing air about the whole place.

Some of the better-known locations, and activities to indulge in, in France include a tour to the majestic Chateux of the Loire Valley, the rugged environment of the Island of Corsica (famously known as ‘A Mountain in the Sea’), the unexplored regions of Gascony, Berry, and Franche-Comté deep in the Green Heart of France, or the glamorous lifestyle of Metropolitan Paris.

France is one of the founding fathers of European Union and is a vital member of this latest but all-important regional community of nations. The country is a symbol of progress and development in the region, and is an active member in promoting world peace and settling international disputes.

France is emerging as a dominant voice of the developed world, more so in the wake of dwindling global popularity of the US. Undoubtedly, France is Numero Uno when it comes to global tourism, and this tag is not without some strong reasons!

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