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Attractions of Germany

From the Black Forest to the Alpine Swiss border, Germany offers contrasts and variety. The nightlife, museums, cafes and art shows of Berlin compare with the skiing, kayaking and camping on offer in the countryside. The country is keen to promote tourism and has several world class theme parks as well as a wealth of historical interest.

Germany’s thirteen national parks attempt to preserve unspoilt natural landscapes or to conserve those shaped by human beings. They offer landscapes reminiscent of Scandinavia, birch and pine forests dotted with lakes and boating platforms; but also garden parks centering on ancient buildings and the maritime national park of Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park.

Of course, Germany is famous for its Oktoberfest beer festival, a concept exported to every beer-drinking country in the world, but it’s also the home of the ski-jumping world cup, the travelling Krone Circus and a range of variety theatres offering a wide variety of material. In Berlin, the Estrel has been running an impersonators’ haven called ‘Stars in Concert’ for fifteen years now, offering the chance to see Elvis and Bette Midler perform on the same stage.

Germany also has thriving live music scenes. If heavy metal, punk and techno – all very popular in Germany – don’t take your fancy, there’s also classical music on offer – what else would you expect, in the birthplace of Bach and Beethoven?

We’ve made a list of the most exciting attractions in Germany, to help you have the best time there that you can.

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