A Country Guide to Germany

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Germany of today is vastly different from Germany of the Second World War, when it was considered as a catalyst for the War. The modern Germany is a delight for the visitors, and the successful organization of the Football World Cup in 2006 is a testimony to the fact that the country has come a long way to emerge as a leading destination for the worldwide travellers.

The continuing economic consequences of the reunification of October 1990 notwithstanding, Germany has emerged as a proud One Nation, and is now one of the major players in the international arena in almost every respect.

If you look at the history of the country, Germany doesn’t inspire much confidence in the minds of international investors or the tourists. Till 1990, the country presented a divided face to the international community. But things began looking up after the famous fall of The Berlin Wall in 1990, which marked the unification of East and West Germany as One Nation – Germany.

With a history of different cultures prevalent at different times, Germany offers to the world remarkably distinct lifestyles and traditions in its different parts. As one travels across the country, the difference is more palpable than just reading about Germany.

The natural beauty of the country, which remained obscure from the outside world for almost the entire last century, is all the more inviting with fine arts, academics, technological advancements, sports, and other productive activities replacing oppression and crime that once ruled the streets of Germany. Education cities, like Heidelberg, are getting greater attention now from the young Germans, than the lively capital, Berlin.

The country is full of interesting places and spots, where either a history is associated or some kind of cultural significance is attached or the tech-brilliance of Germans is on display. Be it adventure, sightseeing, historical places, or technologically advanced places, there’s plenty of everything in store.

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