Things to do and see in Gibraltar

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Attractions in Gibraltar

Nestled in the mouth of the Mediterranean, Gibraltar is as beautiful as any Greek island, offering coastlines studded with beaches and the famous, semi-wild Barbary macaques, a form of monkey that quickly ingratiates itself with visitors!

Gibraltar is famous for its caves, since the Rock is made of limestone; there are over 140 and more undiscovered, according to scientists. Some were historically used as shelters. It’s also famous for its 100 Ton Gun, manufactured by Sir W C Armstrong in 1870 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, along with eleven others. Two went to Malta, two to Gibraltar and the other eight to the Italian Navy, but only Gibraltar’s remaining one is in good condition. The Gun is a muzzle-loading, black-powder rifled cannon, obsolete by the First World War and now preserved as a tourist attraction. It stands as part of Gibraltar’s long military history as a strategic point, important since the days of the Phoenicians. There is also a Military Heritage Centre, and the tunnels used during the Great Siege of 1783 and in the 1940s during WWII are open to the public.

Gibraltar also offers the visitor four major public beaches: Eastern Beach, Catalan Bay, Sandy Bay and Western Beach. Eastern Beach is by far the largest and a major tourist attraction, while Catalan Bay is reminiscent of a small Spanish fishing village.

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List of Tourist Attractions in Gibraltar

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