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Greek Property For Sale

Find property for sale including apartments, studios, village houses and villas on the popular islands of Rhodes, Crete, Corfu, Zante, Evia, Santorini and many more.

We feature many different types of properties across the mainland and islands of Greece including Athens, Evia and in the Dodecanese including Crete, Rhodes and Kos.

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Why Buy Properties in Greece ?

Greece - a land of contrasts, beauty and great historical importance, Greece is ideal for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday live in which to buy their holiday home.

"Tomorrow, tomorrow" you will hear many a Greek say and it's this laid back attitude to life that makes you envy their confident and relaxed lifestyle that we hanker for here in the UK.

Couple this with the climate and equally warm friendliness of the Greek people and you have a great combination of positive factors to consider when looking at Greece for buying your holiday home.

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The Greek Islands

There are over 2,000 Islands (if you count the little rocks in the sea as well) that make up the Greek Islands and each one different to the last. Why not consider buying a home in Kos where Hipocrates taught medicine, or what about Rhodes with its history of Collossus. Have you considered Crete the land of King Minos or Santorini with it's amphitheatre of village houses dotted in the hillsides to mention just a few worthy of investment?

Wherever your fancy takes you when considering buying a property in the Greek Islands there is no doubt that you will be spoilt for choice amongst the many habitable islands of Greece.

Cheap Real Estate

Cheap Property in Greece has been a favourite of the British and German property buyers for decades now with prices starting from as little as £15,000 in some of the smaller outlying Greek villages right up to millions of pounds for Villas and Mansions on the mainland near to Athens.

We feature cheap Greek property in many of the islands direct from local Greek estate agents, developers and private sellers alike including village houses in Crete, apartments in corfu and villas in Evia.

Greek Mortgages

You've found your ideal Greek property and now need to finance its purchase. Check out our page on overseas mortgages and you can see what the current rates are and how the application process works. You can even apply for a decision in principle online on our Greek mortgages page.

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