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Greek Tourist Attractions

The coast and islands of Greece seem made for holiday visits, with sandy beaches, blue seas and clear skies. There are historic towns and attractive hillsides, and for those interested in the past, there’s statuary and remains from ancient Greece. There’s also the life of a modern city, with the open air cinemas of Athens or the famous local cuisine of Thessaloniki.

Greece is the home of a huge number of museums and archaeological sites. The Acropolis Museum, in Athens, displays archaeological finds from Mycenae and Rome, as well as ancient Christian finds. The museum itself is relatively modern, having been designed by architect Bernard Schumi along with Michael Photiadis, and inaugurated in the summer of 2009. As such, it’s a perfect metaphor for modern Greece’s meeting of international cooperation, modernity and conservation of the past.

Greece can also offer a wide range of family activities. There’s the mediaeval castle of Nerantzia, on the coast of Kos. The Old Town of Kos offers the chance to visit sites once frequented by Hippocrates, as well as some stunning beaches.

Greece is an island nation and each island is unique, though they all have rich histories and beautiful beaches. Rhodes, for instance, has Petaloudes (Valley of the Butterflies), where nature lovers will be enthralled. Once again, it also has some very fine beaches!

We’ve put a list together of Greece’s best attraction and activities, to make sure your visit is the best it can be.

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