A Country Guide to Hungary

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Hungary regards itself as a Western country as opposed to Balkan or Slavic culture that is predominantly observed in the country. This diverse-cultured country owes its legacy to its rich history. The prominent settlers in Hungary include Magyars, a Finno-Ugric tribe that arrived through Russia in the 9th Century; Arpad Dynasty that ruled over the country for a long time; Mongols who devastated Hungary in the 13th Century; Turks who lorded over the country in 16th and 17th Centuries; and Austria with whom the country finally allied itself. But this doesn’t mean that the country has lost on its own rich culture. It’s still vibrant in the form of language and traditions prevalent in different parts of Hungary.

Hungary is a landlocked country and bordered by Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, and Slovenia. Perhaps, this supplements its rich cultural heritage. However, this doesn’t mean that the country lacks aquatic beauty. In fact, Hungary has some of the best hot medicinal springs in the world. Also, several water features, like Lake Balaton, dot the entire landscape of Hungary.

The country is strewn with acres and acres of vineyards and orchards. Add 11 National Parks and hundreds of other Protected Areas, and you have a perfect country for exploration.

The urban Hungary is equally fascinating with capital Budapest situated on the beautiful Danube River leading the way. If you dissect the word, you’ll get the two parts of the city – Buda (old, graceful, and cobbled) and Pest (the urban commercial centre). There are Eger, Estergom, Sopron, and Szentender to complete the urban angle to this historic country.

Urban Hungary is a lively country and favourite with artists, musicians, and writers. It’s rich in folk and classical music and the birthplace of renowned artists, like Bartók and Liszt. However, it doesn’t mean that modern music does not resonate in the streets of Hungary. In fact, Budapest is a chic city with jazzy nightclubs, discotheques, and modern pubs.

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