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Buying Investment Property Abroad

Investment property abroad

Investment in property has always been a popular choice, but it’s even more so in the current economic climate. There’s a strong incentive to put your money in bricks and mortar, as the equity and rental income this represents can often be far more reliable than other forms of investment. And investment in property abroad can offer great opportunities!

However, it’s important to know your way around the marketplace, and around the country you plan to invest in. Knowing the laws and even the local customs, and having an overview of the economic situation, as well as knowing the local investment conditions, can be absolutely crucial when seeking investment property abroad. The good news is that can help, every step of the way, from guides to cities and countries to detailed information on local laws and even rental yields.

The Benefits of Buying Investment Property Abroad

Investment in property in the UK can be difficult. The marketplace is crowded, property in some locations is chronically overpriced and rental income can be uncertain. By contrast, there are great value investment properties abroad. It’s possible to find properties at well below the typical UK price, in areas as far apart as Spain and the Black Sea, that have excellent rental prospects. One reason for this is the higher rental demands in some overseas locations, due to a cultural preference for rental. In many European countries, 60% or more of the population rents, offering excellent prospects for both modest buy-to-let investments and larger or premium purchases. can help with the process of selecting the foreign location that’s best suited to your needs, as well as with finding individual properties, thanks to our extensive and detailed listings of more than 170,000 properties across over 100 countries worldwide.

Cheap Investment Property Overseas

It’s something of a myth that all property abroad is available at a much lower price than in the UK. But it’s certainly true that there are great value investment properties abroad if you know where to look, and is a great place to look. We can direct you to 2-bed Spanish apartments 15 minutes’ walk from the beach, retailing for £49k – a low price for a property with good holiday rental potential. Or how about a 3-bed Greek villa near Korinth, 150m from the sea, for £138k – less than a South London terrace, and again offering good holiday rental potential?

There are full-time rental purchase opportunities too. In Spain, house prices are historically low and yet many city apartments are available as investment properties in areas with great, solid rental demand. In Germany, house prices are rising – but so are rents, making this, too, a promising investment environment.

Stunning Locations for Investing in Property Abroad

Investment property abroad is available in over 100 countries through We can offer access to properties as diverse as a beautiful 8-room Croatian mansion, perched on an tiny island off Baska in the Mediterranean with gorgeous ocean views and equally attractive rental prospects as an upscale holiday home, or a stunning renovation in Marne, in France’s Champagne region, urban yet offering spellbinding countryside within easy reach.

From the North Sea to the Black Sea, from Brazil to Belize, these locales offer intrigue and beauty for holiday renters, or solid appeal and quality for permanent, full-time tenants!

Investment Markets Abroad

Some investment property abroad will be governed by unfamiliar regulations. In France, for instance, you might find yourself in a position to take advantage of the leaseback system, whereby your rental income will be backed by a government guarantee designed to attract investors like you to investment properties in France. Then there’s the local business climate: some investment properties abroad might require repairs or maintenance according to local regulations.

It’s also important to understand the culture, and the way the people do business there. French notaires prefer to meet face to face, for instance. Knowing that Italian law allows UK residents to inherit Italian property might be important too – and, with its guides to cities, countries and even airports, and its indepth detail on rentals and local laws, can help you navigate the pitfalls.

Whatever your plans for your investment property abroad, can help.

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