Things to Do and Places to Visit in Ireland

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Things to do and see in Ireland

Ireland is sometimes referred to as the Emerald Isle. Its beautiful, rolling countryside is one of the main reasons tourists go there in such numbers. One of the others is Dublin. From its pubs to its public statues, its literary associations to its live music, where traditional Irish songs can be heard, Dublin is one of Europe’s most attractive cities. The countryside is dotted with prehistoric and historical ruins and remains, and Ireland’s less famous cities, like Galway with its festivals and street life, are waiting to be explored!

Ireland is sometimes referred to as the Emerald Isle, a reputation it gained by its stunning natural beauty – so much so that green is the colour of its flag. While there, visit the ‘Giants’ Causeway,’ an enormous causeway of hexagonal pillars of rock emerging from the sea on the North Coast, a few miles north of Bushmills. The basalt columns, about 40, 000 of them, are thought to be the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. Or maybe the stories are true, and it was really built by Finn Mac Cool, as a shortcut to Scotland where he wanted to fight a rival giant. Either way it’s a genuinely stunning location for a family visit.

There’s also Ireland’s legendary live music scene. While some of this is laid on for tourists, plenty of it is perfectly genuine, and there really are many places where if you can play, you can turn up and join in. Many pubs will have ‘sessions’ – long folky jams – that are free to listen to. There’s also a vibrant traditional dancing culture, with local, regional and national championships and prizes.

We’ve assembled a list of Ireland’s greatest attractions, to ensure that you get the most from your visit there.

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