Places to Visit and Things To Do in Italy

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Places to Visit and things to see in Italy

If any country has it all, that country is Italy. It’s world famous for its fashion and its monuments, its cuisine and its style, its history and its modernity: the home of the Vespa and the highest concentration of UNESCO world heritage sites anywhere in the world. The south of the country is more rural and more mediterranean, while the north is more urban and industrial. For modern cities and high culture, look north to Milan or west to Rome. For rural beauty and countryside, look south to the country’s ‘foot.’

Italy has a wide range of landscapes, including some snow-filled peaks where skiing is popular and others in warmer climates. Some of them will look eerily familiar to Western film fans: that’s because they did duty for the Sierra Nevada and New Mexico in several 70s movies, the origin of the term ‘spaghetti Western.’ Of course, Italy also has Mount Etna the tallest volcano in Europe, 3, 343 metres high.

The range of natural beauty on offer in Italy doesn’t stop at its mountains, though. There’s also the sunny southern islands, and the many national parks on the mainland as well as the Maddalena and Tuscan archipelagos and Vesuvius. The country offers many welcoming tourist locations in the countryside where visitors can experience authentic Italian food and discover local traditions and history.

If the countryside doesn’t appeal, there’s always Venice with its biennial festival focussed on design and contemporary art, and its Carnival – though there are Carnivals in most major Italian cities, so you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Below, you’ll find our comprehensive list of Italy’s finest attractions, ensuring you won’t miss a thing!

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List of Tourist Attractions in Italy

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