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Malta Property Could Benefit From The Downturn

News Posted On: 10 February 2010

Malta could easily become one of the few countries that actually sees some benefits arise from the devastation wrought by the international economic downturn AKA the credit crunch. Malta fell into the background; as it lost its edge of low prices upon entry into the European Union and the subsequent adoption of the Euro.

Now that prices have fallen across the EU, including in Malta, and practically all economies have been reset in terms of their growth potential, Malta is as attractive an option for lifestyle buyers and investors as anywhere and as ever it has been.

It may well come down to lifestyle choices and reasons for buying, and could even come down to budgets and availability of the right properties within that budget. What is certain is that Malta will be on a lot more property buyers' shortlists than it has been for several years, and that can only be good for the property market.

If it comes down to lifestyle choices Malta could stand to do very well indeed. Almost smack bang in the middle of Europe's Mediterranean Riviera; off the coast of Sicily, Tunisia and Gibraltar, Malta obviously has a mild warm climate for a large portion of the year.

On top of that it has the kind of rich history and culture you'd expect to find on an island that saw its fair share of habitation by ancient Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians.

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