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Malta Property To Be Boosted By New Ryanair Flights

News Posted On: 22 September 2009

Ryanair have announced the addition of their 12th flight route from the UK to Malta, flying from Bradford airport from March 25th next year. This is both a testament to the continued popularity of Malta as a tourist destination, and will also be a boost to the market, according to overseas property portal Property Director Les Calvert said:

"it is always said that a new flight route will boost the local property market, so much so that it must get tiresome to the point that it is barely heard anymore. But it is true every time. The last property boom happened because of the advent of the budget airlines and budget flight routes, made overseas property accessible to everyone, because they could now afford to fly to where property was affordable on a regular basis.

"And now, each time a budget airline like Ryanair announces new routes to anywhere, even though the area may already be well serviced by budget airlines, it represents increased tourism footfall, increased occupancy of holiday properties and increased return on investment."

Flights are often the clincher when it comes to overseas property transactions. People decide on whether or not to buy in an area based on whether there are regular, affordable flights from their local airport. For the people of Bradford and surrounding areas, Malta is now well within their holiday going and property buying grasp.

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