A Country Guide to Mexico

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‘Vibrancy and Energy’ best describes Mexican way of life. This euphoric outcry bears its origin to Miguel Hidalgo who egged his fellow Mexicans to fight colonialism and realise freedom and finally on September 15, 1810, Mexico was freed from Spanish rule. Since then, it’s vivacious Mexican way of life that has reverberated in every street and city of the country.

The typical Mexican lifestyle is characterized by youthful energy, idling around, importance of family, socialising, with work taking a backseat. Mother’s status in the family is like a deity who gives life and in turn, people respect, revere, and dote upon their mothers.

The country’s turbulent past has left a rich cultural legacy in the form of Aztec ruins, a 17th Century colonial church of San Diego, along with several 20th Century buildings that are still well-preserved to showcase to the world. All these landmarks are located in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas in the Mexico City.

The Day of the Dead as celebrated in Mexico reminds people of their departed near and dear ones and the times they spent with them when they were alive.

Mexico also offers a great sea-side view with the meeting point of Caribbean Sea and Yucatan Peninsula giving birth to splendid coral reefs and a slew of aquatic flora and fauna on a resplendent display. The Pacific Coast brings Elephant Seals in the waters and huge grey Whales simply add to the thrill in Mexican waters. In fact, Mexico is the breeding ground for the grey Whales as every year, it’s a carnival-like feeling watching hundreds of Whales and their young ones.

Mexico is also famous for the blue plant agave (mother of all tequilas) with Cancun and Acapulco as prime locations for its plantation. These places are also renowned for a vibrant nightlife with dance bars, pubs, restaurants offering plethora of opportunities to the fun-loving travellers.

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