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The Affordable Attractions Of Mexico

News Posted On: 22 March 2011

The attractions of Mexico are undeniable as it has nearly 6000 miles of coastline and plenty of beaches and resorts where tourists can stay cocooned in the luxury. However there are still some very affordable places to buy property, whether it's to live in part-time or as a rental to the many Canadian ‘snowbirds’ who love to escape their harsh winters.

The Yucatán Gulf Coast is a 50 mile stretch of coast that is becoming increasingly popular with overseas buyers. While prices are beginning to rise they are still very affordable and it's possible to buy a two or three bedroom beach home for around $80,000.

These properties will be just a street or two back from the beach, and apartments cost even less. For $100,000 you can buy a small property right on the beach while a beach front lot or cost well under $50,000. These types of property rent for about $350 a week. This part of the coast is very quiet and the nearest city is Merida, which also has an international airport.

Mazatlan is one of Mexico's oldest beach resorts that is rapidly regaining its popularity. This is due to a series of urban renewal projects which began about 15 years ago, and the city boasts a large beachfront, lots of restaurants and an international airport. The city has world Heritage status and has blocks of neoclassical buildings which are residential homes or flats, as well as an opera house.

It's possible to buy a small condo here for around $50,000 while villas or townhouses in gated communities near the ocean around hundred and $50,000. Rental rates here are quite low as they can be as little as $400 a month for a small flat, however this area is extremely popular with snowbirds with many choosing to return year after year.

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The attractions of Mexico are undeniable as it has nearly 6000 miles of coastline and plenty of beac.....