Places to Visit and Things To Do in New Zealand

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List of New Zealand Tourist Attractions

New Zealand has some of the most pristine and breathtaking landscapes on earth, forming the backdrop to movies and holidays of a lifetime alike. New Zealand’s wildernesses are legendary, offering chances to ride and cave, swim, pothole and hike like nowhere else on earth. There’s Te Araroa, the Long Pathway, running the length of New Zealand. If you’re feeling less ambitious, there’s also the Tongariro Northern Circuit on Ruapehu, where you can walk around active volcanoes with lava flows, craters and explosion pits visible.

There are canoeing trips down the Whanganui River, and cycle tracks abound, like the Queen Charlotte Cycle Track in Marlborough.

New Zealand isn’t just famous for its crags and rivers though: increasingly, it’s also famous for its golf. In New Zealand, golf courses are everywhere, from the biggest cities to the smallest country towns. And unlike in some countries, golf in New Zealand is accessible. Uniquely, it’s the highest participation sport in the country. The prices are affordable and visitors are always welcome.

And speaking of cities, don’t neglect Auckland. It’s the largest city in New Zealand and still small for a capital, but it has everything you’d expect from a major city. Auckland also has everything you wouldn’t expect. Like world class beaches, hiking trails and dozens of holiday islands a few minutes from the city centre, to wild surf, to the tranquillity of the Hauraki gulf, Auckland is a jewel set into New Zealand’s most attractive natural surroundings. New Zealand is among the world’s top destinations for a reason!

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List of Tourist Attractions in New Zealand

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