A Country Guide to New-Zealand

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Resonating paradisiacal beauty on Earth, New Zealand is every bit a tourist’s delight. With stunning scenery dotted with a long coastline hosting marvellous sandy beaches and snow-capped alpine mountains to company, the visitors are pampered for choices in New Zealand. If this is not enough, nature has bestowed its bountiful on the country with lush green forests, volcanic pools, glacier-fed numerous lakes, fish-filled rivers, and plenty of other natural wonders.

Essentially spread over three islands, New Zealand is a modern country with all the latest infrastructures in the country to support a life of comfort. The road, rail, and air networks are well-equipped and maintained, with rail journey amidst some stunning landscape scenery being the major highlight.

New Zealand has a rich history dating about 1,000 years back when the first settlers (Polynesian Maori) arrived in the country. They set up a well-organised tribal society led by hereditary chiefs and a strong priesthood culture. The Europeans arrived in New Zealand in 1642, when the Dutch Abel Tasman set his foot here. The country, however, was fully explored only after the voyages by Captain James Cook in 1769 and 1779.

Country’s exquisite flora and fauna in a number of national parks is its vital USP when it comes to attracting visitors from across the globe. Kiwis, Dolphins, Whales, and Seals have a special place in New Zealand tourism. The visitors will also surely relish two of the richest New World wine regions on the Earth. New Zealand food is a gourmet’s delight and the stunning natural environs simply add to the taste of food.

The adventure lovers are in for a treat in the country. New Zealand offers a host of outdoor adventurous activities, like Bungee Jumping, white-water rafting, skiing, caving, snorkelling, etc.

And if you are an art and culture lover, New Zealand has plenty of museums and galleries in the main cities, like Christchurch, Auckland, and the capital city of Wellington, to keep you interested.

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