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Buy Overseas Property From British Sellers And Get A Bargain

News Posted On: 05 August 2010

I'm a Brit. And if I was going to buy a property abroad, I would rather buy it off a British developer, agent or private seller.

Now, according to the latest round of data, global property prices, from a wide-perspective are recovering for the most part. According to the data many countries are back into positive territory, and some have hardly suffered at all (Knight Frank index is the main source of these assertions).

However, that doesn't mean that the time to buy overseas property at knock down prices is past. Oh no.

We all know the state of the British economy, in a word miserable. We all know the cut-backs are gonna cut-deep, and that millions of public sector jobs are for the chop.

Reading between the lines, this means thousands of people out of work and looking to sell any unnecessary luxuries -- a holiday home abroad definitely fits into this category.

Thus, we could be looking at loads of motivated sellers. The key is finding out where they are advertising their properties. You can't just go and stick your property on leading portals, as they tend to be agent only.

Property has one of the liveliest for-sale-by-owner sections in the world of overseas property, and it could also be worth checking forums for disgruntled and paid-off former public-sector workers.

British buyers preferred property in Italy, Spain, Greece, and the likes, so browsing these countries it shouldn't be too hard to buy a property abroad from a British buyer, and at a heavily discounted price for a quick sale.

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