A Country Guide to Spain

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Spain has always occupied the numero uno position as far as tourism or real estate investment by foreign players is concerned. This is largely due to the crisp weather, year-round sunshine, and the pristine Mediterranean beaches to enjoy all the natural riches of Spanish landscape. Traditionally, southern Spain has always attracted lots of travellers due to its proximity to Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful coastal resorts. However, recently, a lot of travellers and prospective travellers to the country have been enquiring about other Spanish attractions, like those along Costa del Sol.

The natural charm of Spain is simply unparalleled. The snow-clad Pyrenees separating Spain from France presents a breathtaking view from one of the regal resorts, like La Molina and Panticosa, which also offer un-miss-able skiing opportunities.

Northern Spain has plenty of winding rivers and the most peculiar forests of Galicia. While it’s natural treasure trove in Galician north that owes its origin to Celtic past, the South is more influenced by Moorish culture. The cultural remnants are sprinkled all across the Spanish landscape with Alhambra in Granada and Don Quixote’s windmills in La Mancha.

The new cities, like Barcelona, Salamanca, Toledo, and of course, the capital city of Madrid are being developed with a careful blend of traditionalism. One of the testaments is the presence of museums, galleries, and Baroque churches in these cities. Of course, being modern cities, you’ll also find lots of bars, discotheques, restaurants, and pubs.

If you are a party animal, there is a lot to look forward to in Spain. With so many bars and discotheques, the party scene in Spain is absolutely rocking. Spanish nightlife is something you jut can’t miss with blaring music ruling the roost till the small hours of night.

While you’ll definitely enjoy Spanish nightlife, the traditional Spanish cultural dance, Flamenco, is another one of those un-miss-able activities to indulge in. Paintings, operas, literary events, sports, fiestas, bullfight, etc. are all part of rich Spanish tradition.

Politically, Spain was under dictatorial rule of General Franco till his death in 1975. It was then that King Juan Carlos I established a democratic government to lead the country to the path of progress. The modern day Spain is a successful democracy and the tensions with separatists in Basque region in the north is the only unresolved issue that plagues the nation.

Lots of budget airlines have also started regular flights in and out of Spain to give the travellers a golden opportunity to visit this beautiful country.

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