A Country Guide to Switzerland

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Switzerland is often termed as ‘Heaven on Earth’ for it sheer beauty that even surpasses the imagination of lesser mortals. It’s tiny in size but not in its glory! Beauty, wealth, and a sparse population are the lures no one can resist. And Switzerland has all these things in plenty. With just 7 million people in the country, almost the entire population live a life of their dreams.

The Swiss industry is always on the high with delicious cheese and mouth-watering chocolates ruling the minds of billions worldwide. Just check the watch on your wrist – it may be a Swiss watch! And how can we forget the versatile Swiss knives that are a vital tool for the armies worldwide.

Politically, Switzerland is a neutral entity, but plays a vital role in the European and World affairs. The country finally becoming a member of UN in 2002 is a sign of its showing greater interest in global affairs.

Fenced by the gigantic Alps, the country is naturally protected from its neighbours. The Swiss Bank Accounts are perhaps another contribution of Switzerland towards the world economy. These bank accounts are rather notorious for being dumping grounds of illegal money and possessions of global criminals.

But driven by tax relief, millions of people worldwide flock to Zürich and have made it a leading financial hub of Europe. Geographically, the country is conveniently located in central Europe, which is an ideal place to hold international conventions and conferences. Realizing its strategic geographical location, UN has made Geneva its home.

Amidst all the political, financial, and industrial activities, Switzerland is the top favourite of tourists from every part of the globe. And the most popular of all activities in the country is skiing at one of the exotic skiing resorts in the Alps. Some of the most visited ones include Zermatt and St. Moritz that offer perfect backdrop of natural beauty of this country.

Bern, an ancient city and capital of Switzerland, offers some of the breathtaking views that nature has bestowed on this country. Besides, you just can’t resist shopping temptation in Bern. And talking of lifestyle, the Swiss folks are full of fun with a vibrant nightlife in discotheques, clubs, bars, and pubs. The Swiss also love their food and you can enjoy the local delicacies in one of the many eateries conveniently located in cities and towns. The Swiss folk music is often an underrated activity but the locals just love it and can be seen jiving on it in discos and nightclubs.

Switzerland is a land of diversity with people speaking different languages, like Swiss, French, Italian, German, and Rhaeto-Rumantsch. Still, the political atmosphere in the country is largely peaceful.

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