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Property in Turkey

If you are looking to buy a property in Turkey perhaps in one of the popular holiday resorts of: Istanbul, Antalya, Altinkum, Dalyan, Bodrum, Marmaris, Alanya, Belek, Kusadasi, Fethiye and more. Then check out some of the cheap Turksih properties we have on offer within our website.

Buying a property in Turkey can be a fantastic way to invest and is becoming increasingly popular amongst British investors. Thousands of Brits have already purchased holiday homes, giving them a place to escape to, a possible rental income, a building to develop and sell on or a new home in the sun.

Property in Turkey

Why Buy Property in Turkey?

Buying property in Turkey is wise for a number of reasons but one of the main ones is its draw for tourists. Every year thousands of people flock to Turkish shores on holiday to enjoy the amazing history, the wonderful culture, the fantastic food and the gorgeous climate. Turkey boasts great weather so if you are looking for a place in the sun, this could be the perfect country in which to buy. The fact that Turkey is so attractive to tourists is also a bonus if you are thinking of investing in a property to rent out to holiday makers.

A Great Choice of Turkish Properties For Sale

Turkish properties in Istanbul

If you are interested in buying Turkish property and would like to see a good cross section of buildings, is the best place to look. We advertise a whole range of homes from one or two bedroom apartments to beautiful, luxury villas so whatever you are looking for, we will be able to help in your search.

As well as a great choice of property for sale in Turkey, we at can give you the choice of numerous beautiful locations like Bodrum, Antalya, Altinkum and more. We list apartments, houses and villas in busy city centres such as Istanbul if you’re looking for an urban pad or townhouse; alternatively if you are looking for a coastal villa or house in the countryside we can help there too, with fantastic properties in places such as Gocek and Kalkan.

Turkish properties in Istanbul

Buying Property in Turkey

Historically, it was very difficult for a foreign national to buy property in Turkey. Indeed, overall it was nearly impossible for a foreign national to directly own a freehold (or complete and transferable) interest in real estate in Turkey. The laws restricting foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey had been longstanding.

In 2003, the Turkish government significantly liberalized the laws governing the ownership of property by foreign nationals in that country. Specifically, the Turkish government enacted what is known as a reciprocity law when it comes to the ownership of real estate by foreign nationals.

The new law essentially provides that if a Turkish citizen can purchase and invest in property in the country from which the foreign national comes from, that same foreign national can then, in turn, purchase and own property in Turkey. Thus, citizens from many countries -- from the United States to the United Kingdom and many other nations in between -- can now purchase and own real estate in Turkey.

The Turkish government moved to change its extremely restrictive real estate laws in order to bring it more in line with the statutes and regulations governing property ownership that are in place in the other nations that make up the European Union.

Even with the easing of restrictions pertaining to the ownership of property by foreign nationals in Turkey, there are areas within Turkey in which foreign nationals are prohibited from purchasing and owning real estate all together. For example, foreign nationals cannot make the purchase of or otherwise own real estate that is in the vicinity of military bases and other similar sensitive locations. It is important for a foreign national to pay close attention to these prohibitions so that he or she does not become involved in a real estate sales transaction that might need to be scuttled in the long run due to the location of the subject property itself.

When it comes to purchasing investment property in Turkey, it is vital that a very thorough title search be undertaken to make absolutely certain that the property is free and clear from an absolute and complete transfer to a purchaser. Turkish property is notorious for being encumbered by liens and other blemishes to titles. Therefore, it absolutely is imperative that a foreign national who is seeking to purchase and own real estate in Turkey obtain the services of a capable lawyer or solicitor who can work to ensure that the property is not encumbered.

The first step in the real estate purchase process for a foreign national (or anyone else in Turkey) is an oral offer on a piece of real estate. If the offer is accepted by the seller, a preliminary contract is drafted and executed between the buyer and seller. At this juncture, the buyer is obliged to place a deposit on the property. Generally, the deposit amount that is placed is between 4% and 10%. The deposit is non-refundable if the seller backs out of the deal without cause. (Cause for withdrawal includes a failure by the seller to provide clear title to the property or the seller abandoning the deal.)

The final contract for sale of real estate in Turkey actually is executed at the Land Registry Office. A new title or deed is then applied for directly at the Land Registry Office. The new title and deed usually will be issued to the purchaser of the real estate within about three months.

One final factor that a real estate purchaser needs to keep in mind when buying property in Turkey. Unlike virtually anywhere else in the world, earthquake insurance is compulsory in nearly all locations of the country. Therefore, a purchaser of real estate in that country will want to make sure that this expense is factored into the overall costs of buying real estate in Turkey. Generally, the costs of such insurance is not prohibitive when it comes to buying real estate in Turkey.

Selling Your Property in Turkey

Property for sale in Turkey

If you already have a home in Turkey and are looking to sell it, we can help here too. provides international real estate coverage at superb rates so as many potential buyers as possible can view your villa or apartment. Selling and buying resale property in Turkey has never been so easy.

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