A Country Guide to Turkey

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A gateway to the continents of Europe and Asia, Turkey has an interesting history that makes the country an enviable destination among its neighbours. On the one side, it is unpredictable Middle East and on the other, it’s fast-developing European nations.

Turkey has seen people from different civilizations making it a home at different points of time in history. If the Hittites enriched the Turkish history, the Ottomans left a profound impact on the country’s tradition and architecture.

The historical richness apart, Turkey has emerged as one of the fastest developing countries in the world. Its cultural brilliance amply complements the modern pursuits that Turkey wants to follow. After the end of Ottoman Empire rule on the country in 1923, Turkey was well served by its first leader Kemal Ataturk. After Kemal’s death, Turkey has maintained and nurtured its Western leanings and European lifestyle for its citizens, notwithstanding the fact that the country is a majority Muslim nation.

Visitors are attracted to some of the most interesting archaeological and architectural centrepieces that are spread across the length and the breadth of the Turkish landscape. Turkey's excellent coastline opening out onto the Mediterranean Sea offers an abundance of waterside activities and watersports for all the family. Holidaymakers to the country can never be short of beachside fun and serious property investors should consider the real estate opportunities of such beachside locations.

Turkey's most visited tourist attractions include the obvious city of Istanbul, some of the infamous historical and archaeological ruin site like Ephesus and Pergamon and the already mention seaside resorts scattered along the country's coastline. If you are thinking that being a Muslim country, Turkey is a laidback destination, think again. The country has a vibrant nightlife for the GenerationX.

The Anatolian Plateau presents a perfect opportunity for the adventurous tourists to indulge in several adrenalin-rushing activities. The beautiful landscape of Cappadocia caps the fun you have had exploring the country.

The warm hospitality of Turkish people is just too profound to miss. Wherever you go, the Turkish people will greet you with ‘Hos Geldiniz’, or ‘Your coming brings happiness’!

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