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Whether you have your own newsletter or website you can still benefit from reaching our list of thousands of property newsletter subscribers looking to buy an overseas property.

With a continously growing database of opt in subscribers our database now has almost 45,000+ property buyers looking for that next investment or their first holiday home abroad.

Reach your target audience using our twice weekly newsletter mail outs - see details below.

  • Bespoke Newsletter - bespoke newsletters specific for your message and containing only your properties or
    message. Delivered to our whole database.
  • Thursday Newsletter - our regular weekly newsletter that contains properties and news relating to the overseas
    property market.
  • Contact us - with your requirements.

Bespoke - Solus Newsletters

This is your opportunity to get your message across to our entire database of subscribers. Whatever it is that you want to advertise this is the best place to do it.

Our newsletter is yours - you supply the creative and we will send it out. All links on the newsletter can point back directly to your own website so you take full advantage of audience response.

We will place only our unsubscribe text on the newsletter so that our subscribers can see the newsletter is from us and unsubscribe should they wish to.

  • The cost has been reduced during our relaunch period and instead of being £1000
    it is now yours for only £500 per mail out.

Thursday Regular Newsletter

Our regular Thursday newsletter represents a cost effective way of getting your property or message across to our database with minimal cost and offers 4 advertising options:-

  • Development of the Week - our star position in the newsletter which occupies the top position of all the
    properties and comes with two images and links through to your property details on our website.
    Cost: £200 per insertion.
  • Properties with Pictures - there are 6 positions available and each advert comes with a picture of the property
    and a link through to your property details on our website.
    Cost: £100 per insertion.
  • Properties without Pictures - identical to the adverts above but without the advantage of a picture to entice
    click throughs.
    Cost: £75 per insertion
  • Adverts: We have a few advertising spots available down the right hand side of the newsletter and one position
    for a 468 x 60 banner advert.
    Cost: Banner £150 per insertion
    All Others: £75.00 per insertion

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